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Did you know you can add debt collection charges to your debts prior to submission to us? This must be in your terms and conditions agreed at the outset.

Print off a handy "Terms and Condition of Payment” template to give to your future clients or display on your premises if applicable

For an easy ready rekoner to add P&J’s charges then click on the link below which applies to you:


A tight credit control system ensures a healthy cash flow! Allowing your debtors to ignore your payment terms sends a subliminal message that their payment is not a priority and your debt will be put to the bottom of the pile! At P&J we offer a discounted rate for any debts that are referred to us within 2 calendar months of the due date. Keep on top of your debts and show that you mean business!

All commission rates are listed within our terms and conditions on our Submit Debt form

Standard Commission

Unless your debt is under 2 months old or we  have an agreement to the contrary, standard commission rates will apply.

Our only charge is simply a percentage of monies recovered. This is your guarantee that we must be successful, or you don’t have to pay a penny to us. The percentage varies with the size of the debt. Remember also that you can offset our charges against tax, so the true rate is even lower. All commission rates are listed within our terms and conditions on our Submit Debt form

 To discuss our current rates further please feel free to contact us.

"I appreciate your help over the years. Small animal veterinary debts are difficult to collect and you did significantly better than anyone else."

– Veterinary Surgeon, Cleveland

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