Free legal action

We do everything possible to collect the debt without resorting to legal action. And we usually succeed! However, if going to court is the only way to recover your money then we can offer our FREE LEGAL SERVICE through our solicitors “Foulds Solicitors Limited”, who will take care of things at no charge to you, provided the debt is not defended.

The solicitor’s costs are recoverable from the debtor but, if we are unable to recover them in this way, P&J will pay the solicitors fees for you! All you will need to do is to pay the official court fees which are added to, and recoverable with, the debt*. You will find that most of our competitors will charge you for this service, making litigation an expensive option.

This FREE LEGAL SERVICE applies to all undefended cases in England and Wales under £10,000.

*we will charge you the agreed commission on any monies collected, including any court fees paid.

"P&J have achieved almost 100% success for us, sincere thanks."

– Dental Practice Manager, Bristol

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