Customers giving you the run around?

Over the last 20 years we've heard all the excuses that owners have for non-payment of their pet's bill, but if you're still doing your own debt collection, you've probably heard them too.

Although the average small animal veterinary debt is only £60, we don't need to tell you that they soon add up! Instead we'd like to tell you that we've achieved fantastic results for over 1,200 other veterinary practices and more importantly, if we don't achieve the same great results for you, you won't pay us a penny! And when we say you won't pay a penny, we mean it.

  • No upfront charges
  • No hidden fees
  • No small print

No money recovered; no fee!

Apart from our experience with veterinary debts and our 'no recovery; no fee' guarantee, why else would you choose us to help you?

  • We're licensed by the Office of Fair Trading and are members of the Credit Services Association, which ensures that we work within the legal guidelines and operate to the highest standards.
  • We can advise you on ways to reduce your risk of future debts.
  • We'll do everything we can to recover your money without resorting to legal action but if it's necessary, we'll process your court case under our 'no recovery; no fee' guarantee. Read more about our free legal service.

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Got a debt that's been outstanding a while?
Providing it's less than 6 years old, we can help. Although the older the debt is, the harder it is to collect, you've got nothing to lose and nothing to pay if we can't help and lots to gain if we do! Tell us more about it here.

No debts at the moment?
Then pop your details here and we'll send you our Information Pack which includes a set of debt collection forms should you ever need us!

Unanswered questions?
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"Small animal veterinary debts are difficult to collect and you did significantly better than anyone else. You were also very efficient and professional whereas other collection companies over the years were downright dishonest with big claims but negligible collections"
– Veterinary Surgeon, Cleveland

"I have been very satisfied with your service which I used for the eight years in which I had my practice"
– Veterinary surgeon, Cambs

"Thanks for your efforts. We appreciate it as we feel helpless once we have sent our last 'threatening letter' and our debtors don't respond. Very pleased to get this month's payments"
– Veterinary surgeon, Hants

"This is the first time I have had any result whatsoever with any debt collection agency."

– Company Director, Wales

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