As a business chasing debtors, it’s hard to offer advice to the person who isn’t paying your invoice however, it’s worth taking the higher moral ground on this for many reasons.

As a business, your reputation is key to future business. It’s no secret that an unhappy customer tells more people about their experience with you than a happy customer does – sad, but true.

Customer relationships cost money to build and maintain; It’s important to preserve them if you can, whilst at the same time, getting paid for what is owed to your company.  Don’t be afraid of pursuing debts you are rightfully due but do what you can in the process to help your debtor pay, to benefit all parties.

Ideally, if you’ve read our other blogs on how to avoid debtor problems, you will have a good idea already of those debtors who are struggling to settle their accounts.  By keeping in regular contact with those customers, you should already have a heads-up of the people who need closer monitoring. Most of the time, you can manage and control the situation with regular communications but if you feel that your debtor is in serious trouble, it is worth urging them to seek advice from a debt charity or helpline. 

Here’s a list of the organisations that can help your debtors improve their financial situation confidentially:

National Debtline

Run by the charity Money Advice Trust, the National Debtline offers free and confidential debt advice to consumers.  Their website is packed with advice for people looking for tips and guidance on a range of topics from bankruptcy, debt relief orders, debt recovery agencies and debt management.  Visit their website at

Step Change

StepChange is a registered charity specialising in tailored advice on how to clear debt and regain control of finances.  Their website provides free information on IVAs, mortgages, credit debts, debt collection agencies and payday loans.  Visit their website at

Debt Advice Foundation

As a charity, the Debt Advice Foundation offers free, impartial advice to people in the UK worried about loans, credit and debt.  Their website provides money advice on budgeting, debt consolidation and debt solutions.  Visit their website at

Citizens Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice is a charity offering varying advice on a range of community worries and concerns – not just financial problems.  Very often debt problems arise from other issues or cause bigger concerns elsewhere.  The website enables you to find your nearest CAB office.  Visit their website at

P&J Consumer Debt Services

As a business, if you need advice on debt collection, get in touch with P&J Consumer Debt Services.  Recognised as the leading debt recovery experts, the team will be able to help you collect the debts that are causing your business problems.  Visit for more information.

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